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Steel Table Glass Top new, superb condition. This Table was produced by Denise A. Tuite in NY


Who is Denise A Tuite ?

Denise A. Tuite (DAT) began her career in antiques in 1970. She spent nearly eighteen years on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, then moved into Manhattan’s famed Decoration and Design Building and The Fine Arts Building. She paid particular attention to the construction of wood furniture and how it differed from today’s cabinetry. As a result, her career evolved into manufacturing reproduction furniture, using that knowledge and expertise to create well made replicas of the great eighteenth century masters.

From the materials of steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze and aluminum to the close collaboration with architects, designers and decorators, DAT has an intimate knowledge of all facets of the industry. Her personal touch and oversight of all parts of the process are evident in the product. This is noted time and again by delighted customers. Her work encompasses both the residential and hospitality industry, creating the perfect piece for each individual project. DAT provides you with the additions to fit perfectly in any space at whatever stage in the design process you are at, from idealization/concept to a full floor plan, with predetermined fabrics, flooring, or other furniture. Being a valued resource is all in the details of quality construction, scale and finish. DAT offers a wide range of glass and marble top coffee tables, consoles, end and dining tables, bookcases, lighting fixtures and coat racks.  Any custom design is available, living up to the motto of, “with us anything is possible”.

Her focus in the years following became Alberto and Diego Giacometti, completely appreciating their use of texture. Diego’s use of nature informs a rustic style in its design application to create indoor and outdoor furniture to last forever. DAT also incorporates reproductions by Royère, another master of design, in order to balance her collections with contemporary pieces — simple, yet elegant in form, while providing maximum functionality. Ultimately, deep understanding of the fabrication is key, always.

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We offer a wide range of custom metal, reproduction of the art pieces of Diego Giacometti metal furniture, to the exact proportions, dimensions, and specifications desired by a client, whether in bronze or another metal, glass top and marble top coffee tables, consoles, end and dining tables, bookcases, lighting fixtures, and coat racks.

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